01 January 2015 @ 09:06 am
Feel free to contact me on dreamwidth via a comment on this post or a private message.
You can also reach me on plurk at [ profile] scyther.

• I enjoy playing gen and shipping in both memes, games, and psl; so feel free to hmu
• For any smut both the character and the mun must be 18+
• I don't have a kink list, so if you have anything in particular in mind just run it past me
01 March 2016 @ 12:03 am
If you'd like to opt out of playing with me or at least getting tags from certain characters of mine that's fine! No hard feelings and I wont ask why, even if there's no obvious reason. Not everyone I play will be everyone else's cuppa, and that's okay!

If we play in a game together/have shared cr/whatever else and you're worried about how to play around this then feel free to PM me instead of posting here.

Please specify which character(s) you're asking me not to tag you with, otherwise I'll assume you don't want me to tag you with anyone at all. (So if you don't want me accidentally ignoring you please don't forget to specify!)

Muse list is here if you need to check who I play/who you might want to opt out of tagging with.

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